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The National Pronto Association is an organization of independent automotive aftermarket PRONTO Warehouse Distributors, PRONTO Auto Parts Stores and PRONTO Auto Service Centers all of whom take advantage of a multitude of services provided by the Association. Marketing the PRONTO name at all levels of distribution has become a primary function of the Association as evidenced in the Mission Statement below.

The National Pronto Association is committed to the independent automotive aftermarket and demonstrates leadership within the industry by providing PRONTO Member distributors and their customers a professionally-managed, member-directed organizational structure designed to: collectively purchase quality name brand and PRONTO brand automotive products; advertise the PRONTO name for the common good of all PRONTO Members and their customers; and provide marketing services to PRONTO Members and their customers that improve their ability to compete for market share and profitability.

The PRONTO Protection Plus Nationwide Warranty is available at all registered PRONTO Auto Parts Stores and PRONTO Auto Service Centers. The quality and dependability of PRONTO approved parts are assured under the terms of this national warranty program. If a PRONTO approved part should fail to perform under normal operating circumstances, customers call 800 4 PRONTO for the name of the nearest PRONTO Warranty Center for free parts replacement (Certain limitations and exclusions apply).

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